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Technical Research & Development Promotion Plan -2016

Bureau of Sewerage drew up the "Technical Research & Development Promotion Plan -2016" with a planning period of five years from FY2016 to FY2020.
In the future, based on this plan, in order to maintain and improve sewage service, we will systematically develop technologies about the challenges facing the business and the issues to be solved in anticipation of the future and will lead Japan's sewage technology.
In order to advance technology development more efficiently, we will enrich the four efforts of "Utilization of MOT (management of technology) method", "Promotion of open innovation", "Activation joint research" and "Improvement of technical capabilities of sewerage industry".


Technical Research & Development Promotion Plan -2008

Cover of Technical Research & Development Promotion Plan -2008

There are five large theme to be developed by the bureau, "Safety Improvements", "Comfort improvements", "Global Warming countermeasures", "Effective use of Resources" and "High-efficiency Business" in "Technical Research & Development Promotion Plan 2008". Each large theme includes some of the new technologies. Particularly, in order to respond to the issue of climatic change in recent years, we have proposed reinforced measures of "Global Warming countermeasures" and "Effective use of resources."

We have also come up with the efficient and effective implementation of the project through cooperation with industrial, academic and public sectors by use of "Sewerage Technical Research & Development Center."

Technical Papers

Bureau of Sewerage has presented many papers which introduce the result of our research and development.
Followings are the papers presented at international conferences in recent years.
We would be happy if they could be your referring.

C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change

Photo:C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change

The C40 Large Cities Climate Leadership Group comprises 40 of the largest cities in the five continents of the world.

C40 Tokyo Conference on Climate Change was held on October 22 - 24. 32 cities participated and 13 Joint Actions for the adaptation to the impacts of climate change were agreed to be implemented.

Here, we introduce Joint Actions 5, "Sharing information on activities to expand reuse of wastewater, etc."

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